Master Plan 2018

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August 8th 2017


University of Pittsburgh Campus Survey

The following three maps intend to gather place-specific information on all aspects of the physical condition of the University of Pittsburgh. Each map concentrates on a specific aspect (Buildings, Landscape, and Transportation). These maps are designed to elicit comments from students, faculty, staff, and the larger community to understand their individual experiences and issues using, navigating, learning, and working within as well as living on the Oakland Campus. Within each map, please click on the individual highlighted feature to make place-specific comments on a strength, weakness, or a potential opportunity. Options for general/other comments are located under each map. Please do not be shy, if you have an opinion or suggestion on everything please let it be heard!


Building Comments

Landscape Commments

Transportation Comments

00 Community Meeting #1 01 Sustainability 01 Sustainability Supplemental 02 Academics
02 Academics Supplemental 03 Wayfinding Public Realm 03 Wayfinding Public Realm Supplemental 04 Transportation
05 Community Meeting #2 05 Community Meeting #2 Supplemental 06 Government 07 Research
07 Research Supplemental 08 Collaboration Innovation 08 Collaboration Innovation Supplemental 09 Institutional Partners
10 Student Life 11 Real Estate 12 Faculty 13 Infrastructure
14 Students 15 Workplace